Petit Voyageur

Petit Voyageur is the premium brand of baby and children's clothing. Launched in? 2013 by its creators Haruka and Rosario, two friends, mothers and professionals from? Different fields, who developed their careers in different international fields,? Decide to start a business together to create a high quality brand? babies, using as indispensable raw material, the excellent Peruvian organic pima cotton, and the workmanship of Peruvian artisans, well-known for the millenary experience of their ancestors in the textiles. Petit Voyageur is born from the hand of its creators, to start a "children's universe rich in experiences and adventures of the small traveler, traveling the world, with innate curiosity and learning from each culture, each city, its ethnicity and its folklore, also from its legends , of its characters, of its clothing, its tradition and its colors. Colors that wrap it in the magic of each season and mimic it like a game, with the colors of nature, of the earth, of the rivers, of the seas, and oceans, of the dawn and of the sunset. Wrapped in the freshness and softness of pima cotton in the "warmer seasons" and sheltered by the fine wool of the baby alpaca in the cooler seasons. Petit Voyageur designs dress the child with refined simplicity, and sophisticated comfort, so that you can discover the world, with freedom and naturalness, having an awareness of your environment and the care of our planet.