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Double lined unisex jacket:

-Shell 88% organic pima cotton and 12% polyester

-Lining 100% organic pima cotton


Amsterdam Jacket Dutch Path

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  • HAND WASHING In the first few washes, the garments may fade a little, so the garment should be washed alone, always with cold water and without soaking. Let the soap or detergent dissolve completely before inserting the garment and do not pour too much, a little is enough. Do not leave your clothes soaking and do not twist them, squeeze them gently. MACHINE WASH Use the washing machine at full capacity. To wash few clothes, it is recommended to use a program with low energy consumption. Wash your clothes inside out, the colors will be better protected and the clothes will not wear out as quickly. Especially if they have decorations on the outside. If you have bought a set of two or more items, try to wash them together to prevent their colors from being differentiated with the washes. WASHING TEMPERATURES Always respect the washing temperature indicated on the label, without reaching the maximum indicated. But do not wash in low temperatures by default either, some garments can also fade in these cases. DRYING It is advisable to spin the clothes well before drying them. Remember that outdoors is the best dryer, but avoid exposing the clothes directly to the sun, so they don't lose color. Dry thick knit garments wrapped in a towel and in a horizontal position, so that they retain their original shape, without hanging or exposing them to the sun or heating.