Our Story

Petit Voyageur is a premium export brand for children – produced in Peru. It was born in 2013 from the hearts of a Japanese and a Peruvian friendship looking to create simple elegance, contemporary styles, close to nature and quality clothing. The brand redefined quality by using hand-picked choice of Peruvian Pima Cotton, organic certified cotton and socially responsible practices with cotton producers around the valleys of Peru. The brand was crafted around the character of the Petit Voyageur “The Little Traveler” telling stories inspired of his many explorations around the nature and cultures of the world – every day is an adventure, every days his imagination is running wild. The Petit Voyageur is in synch with mother nature – protecting, caring and defending it through urban landscapes and wildlife. The first collection was inspired of the Japanese culture; represented through Seigaha and Sakura prints the ocean waves and flora. The Asanoha repeating pattern is considered a representation of youth and freedom, often used in children’s kimonos back in the olden times. The color palette was kept to ethereal light tones. Every new collection is considerate of nature and reveals a new cultural ethos. Petit Voyageur has been awarded for its role of promoting Peruvian craftmanship and refined materials.