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Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions of Purchase and Refund will regulate the purchase process of the Petit Voyageur products offered on its website: Page on which the following conditions apply.

These conditions are those that link the Buyer (for all purposes called CUSTOMER) with PETIT VOYAGEUR, which grants them both rights and obligations, from which the CUSTOMER makes an order through the aforementioned page, the CUSTOMER tacitly accepts the conditions, which are required knowledge and compliance for both parties, therefore the CUSTOMER must confirm acceptance to do so, at the moment of the order. Therefore, it is recommended to read these conditions carefully.
The titles of the different clauses are only informative, and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the General Conditions. These General Conditions will be regulated by the provisions of current legal regulations.


Selling company:
PETIT VOYAGEUR is the proprietary brand of the website:


Owner company:

Address: Calle Miraflores 204 Magdalena Del Mar
Phone: +51  923223920


Email (e-mail):


Customer is any user of the web page that makes an order through the website and confirms its acceptance of the conditions at the time of purchase.The CUSTOMER must register and fill in the following information in the format to place an order:

- Full name or company name
- Billing address
- Delivery address
- Contact telephone and email

These data will be treated in accordance with the stipulations of the Access and Use Conditions found in the "Privacy Policy" section of the Petit Voyageur website.


On the CUSTOMER side, it is the purchase of the PETIT VOYAGEUR products offered on its website. These are textile products for babies and children.


The products offered by Petit Voyageur are displayed on their website Each article colors, sizes, and price are indicated. The total cost of the order will be indicated at the end of the purchase and after acceptance of the purchase conditions by the Customer. This will be the total for the price of the product (including taxes) + the transport costs according to the chosen place of destination.
Petit Voyageur is not responsible for any error on prices caused because the customer did not "update" or "refresh" the cache of his computer. The final price (except error or omission) will be the one shown in the shopping cart at the final moment prior to payment.


This occurs at the moment in which the Client gives his express consent to the order made, and acceptance of the General Conditions.


There are three forms of payment of the established price for each order, among which the Customer can choose:


Payment by bank transfer:

After the acceptance of your purchase, the Customer can make a bank transfer to the BCP Account: 193-2098775-0-45 for the final amount of the price of the products plus the shipping costs indicated on your screen before confirming the order.
For the transfer, the Client must indicate the full name of the person or the corporate name of the entity to which the bill or invoice will be issued, and also, it must also indicate the number of the order (this number is assigned by the system when the purchase is concluded) and indicate as a beneficiary KUSA COTTON PERU SAC
The transfer must be made within 2 hours of the order, to the bank account indicated in the purchase process.
If there is no proof of payment within that period of time, the order is automatically canceled. In this case, the customer can manage the purchase again, if the customer still wants to obtain the product, and for any reason could not do the management within the specified time.

Payment by Credit Card

With a credit card payment, you have an immediate payment method, totally safe and verified directly with the PAYU LATAM system. All payments made through this form are subject to the Secure Electronic Commerce System, which is based on the card issuer (bank) identifying the holder of the card before authorizing payment online and if accepted, it will be sent to us automatically and instantaneously. Thus the purchase is automatically made at the time of placing the order.


Depending on the availability of the product, delivery times may vary.
For the calculation of the delivery time, the proof of payment by bank transfer or credit card will be taken into account.
There may be cases in which a product is exhausted due to simultaneous orders. Then Petit Voyageur will notify the Customer of the new delivery times. If the exhaustion of stock is final, the Client will also be informed so that he can opt for a new product with similar characteristics or price. Alternatively, the customer can cancel your order. In the case you had paid in advance, your money will be returned.
Delays in the delivery of the order, greater than the agreed time, and attributable to Petit Voyageur will entitle the customer to cancel his order, if he states it in writing by email to, we will then return your money if you had made a payment in advance, and without any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect.
Delivery of shipments will be made at the delivery address indicated by the Customer at the time of purchase. Subsequent changes of the delivery address may generate extra expenses that should be borne by the Customer.
The delivery will be made to the person indicated by the Customer, as Receiver of the shipment.
For each purchase the Customer will receive a purchase receipt, which can be received inside the shipping package, attached to the packaging of the product, or via email.
If this is missing, the Client can request it by email to Indicating the name of the Customer and the order number, and the receipt will be sent to the indicated email address.
If at the time of receiving the order, the Customer considers, without manipulating the packaging of the product, that this has defects caused by transport or has found an error in the product received, the customer must notify via email to within 24 hours of receiving the product, in order to exercise your right to change or refund the price previously paid for it.


Prior to the Acceptance of the Order, the Customer must read the General Conditions.
Follow these conditions, once the order is accepted. Comply with the payment of the prices accepted at the time of placing the order.


The delivery of the products in the place of shipment requested with good product conditions.


Receive the products of your order in perfect condition.
Receive and accept the order.


Receive payment for the sold products.
Modify prices on your website without prior notice.
Modify delivery times according to the availability of these.
Cancel orders due to non-payment from the customer.
Cancel the web page without prior notice


Any type of notification, communication or writing related to the present contract, should be sent to the email


If any clause of this contract is invalidated, this will have no effect on the rest of the clauses and their parts will remain valid.


These General Conditions are governed by current Peruvian regulations.

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